ECN Year in Review

East Coast Nightmare eSports is now officially 1 year old!

It truly has been an amazing year, and I wanted to go over the ups and downs of our first year as an organization and what plans are in store to continue to grow ECN into a well known and more importantly, well respected organization.

Our Teams:

Rocket League – I didn’t even know what Rocket League was a few short months ago. This game has exploded in popularity and is an extremely fast growing eSport. It has also become one of my favorite games to play on a daily basis. But most importantly, it is where ECN found the most success in our first year. When I originally put the word out on Twitter that I was looking to have an ECN Rocket League team, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I got several inquires and I took my time and sorted through them. The one that really stood out was from a team I had watched compete and was already familiar with – Mob Royalty, managed by Jay Womble. Once Jay and I talked, it was obvious to me that they were the right fit for ECN. Jay has done an amazing job managing ECN Royalty and there is no way ECN could of as had as much success as it has without him.

Because of the success of ECN Royalty, I decided I wanted to dive even deeper into the Rocket League scene and went searching for an EU based team and was lucky enough to come across Denis “Frag” Kara. He was the leader of a team known as Nightmare Surf and I could see the potential right away. It didn’t take long for us to form ECN Surf, which has been extremely successful, and is a top 20 team in the EU region. There is no doubt in my mind that ECN Surf will be a top 10 ranked team in 2016!


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – CS:GO is truly a passion of mine, as ECN was originally formed in February of 2015 as a CS:GO team. In the past 12 months, there has been many variations and lineups for ECN CS:GO, none of which was able to find the type of success we were all hoping for. I really hope to change that this year, with the announcement of all new ECN CS:GO squad to come within the next 24 hours. I have really taken my time to go through all the applications and inquiries I have received, and have put in a lot of thought and consideration. I have full confidence that ECN CS:GO will find a lot of success in 2016. I love CS:GO, and it is extremely important to me that ECN has a successful team in this game. I look forward to announcing the new lineup and watching them compete and succeed!

Twitch Streamers – This is an area that I really want to put more focus into in 2016. Twitch is a huge part of eSports and gaming in general and I really want to grow ECN’s presence in it. I really love the dedication of our current streamers, like Ryan “TheBlobZ” Wagner and I want to be able to support them more this year and help them grow their channels, through things like new overlays/graphics, giveaways, etc. I am going to put a lot more emphasis into Twitch this year.

New Things for 2016

Teams – I would really like to have a team in either League of Legends or Dota. Even Heroes of the Storm is a game I am considering as well. These games have obviously huge eSports scenes and ECN definitely needs to have a presence in them. I also have a passion for auto racing and I have always had a ton of respect for the racing simulator scene, especially iRacing and the events host. Having an ECN racing team would be something I would be really excited about.

Sponsors – The entire point of an eSports org like ECN is the be able to support its players who compete for them. I support everyone in ECN as much as I am able, but I want to support them even more and one of the best ways to add to that support is through sponsorships. I currently have some things in the pipeline that I am very excited about. I try to think outside the box a bit when it comes to sponsorships and I think some of the deals that I hope to announce soon will prove that.

More Content – ECN needs to produce content, weather it be YouTube videos, Vine videos, etc. We are severely lacking in this area and I plan on changing that drastically this year. Having great content will help grow ECN as a brand, and continue to raise the profile of the organization as a whole.

Website – I plan on creating a much better looking website, with tons of more content this year. This current one has served its purpose, but its time to take it to a much higher level this year.

Clutch Swag – As you may have seen on our Modify Watches storefront, we have a watch available with a Clutch Swag logo. Clutch Swag is kind of a behind the scenes project that I have in the works and I can’t go into much detail about at this point. But I am hoping that by this summer, it is up and running and is a revenue generator for ECN.

Social Media – This year, I am also going to put a larger focus into ECN’s social media. I want to update it more frequently and really expand on our current social media presence, mainly Instagram. I hope to bring a social media expert on board this year to really help me manage the accounts and ad daily content.

Summary –
Our first 12 months as an org was a roller coaster ride, but boy was it a fun one! ECN is my passion and I have a deep love for it. Running ECN is extremely rewarding for me, in several ways. But the most rewarding part for me is the relationships I have formed through it. I love just hoping in our Team Speak server and hanging out, talking with the guys, playing some games, laughing and having fun. I am extremely lucky to have found amazing people who are willing to be a part this organization and help it continue to grow and be successful. I look forward to what this coming year will bring and it is truly an honor to have so many talented people involved in East Coast Nightmare.

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